Final Reflections:

I had anticipated my film to be very visual, which it is. I had also envisaged it including lots of dialogue and relying solely on audience interpretation and ambiguity. While it certainly includes much ambiguity and subtext rather than explicit explanation, much of the dialogue ending up being cut out to create awkward silences, and make space for cutaways. In terms of what I think worked well in my film, I was very pleased with the acting and the way in which the actors conveyed the subtext I had written for, through their delivery of the dialogue. I was particularly pleased with the beautiful shots we achieved of the location of Seaford Head, as well as the extreme close-ups of Eli, which emphasise the emotive undertones of the characters situation. I originally wrote the script with the intention of the character Imelda being a real person rather than a figment of Eli’s imagination, but through the editing process that went into the script, cutting it down etc, I decided that my film could be more ambiguous and thought provoking if Imelda was represented as a fantasy rather than reality. WIth the feedback we have received many of the comments question the realness of Imelda’s character, some thought she was an angel and others commented on her being a ghost, which is exactly what I had intended through the ambiguity of her character, leaving it open to audience interpretation. The most difficult and frustrating thing about the production process of Eli was filming on location, the weather and lighting was unpredictable which meant we had to reschedule a lot of our filming time. If I was to do this process again I would most definitely carefully research desired locations rather than writing a script specific to the location. Because I had decided on a location before completion of the script, I wasn’t able to then change the location when things became complicated regarding filming at Beachy Head. I would also manage my time better, as I felt the process of auditions was a little rushed and I would have liked to have more time to reflect on the auditions and preferably auditioned more people. To conclude, I have really enjoyed this process. I have learnt a lot about myself and my abilities as both a director and screenwriter. It’s been a learning curb, I have discovered some of my strengths and weaknesses, I have established that I prefer the role of screenwriting more so than directing, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed directing and feel that I now have the confidence, gained from this experience, to direct again in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the actors and crew, there was a really great atmosphere on set which is one of my fondest memories I will take away from this process.12803116_225381721141172_8742647136018936811_n




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