DVD design:

For our submission we have decided to submit our film as an actual DVD, with both an image printed onto the DVD itself, and a DVD cover. I’m really pleased that we have decided to do this as we can see what our film would look like in a professional sense.

Here are some screenshots from the process of it being designed on photoshop:


Below is the prototype of our DVD cover for Eli:



With the design of the DVD cover we were influenced by the style of the poster for the 2007 romantic drama Atonement. I particularly liked the fact that the characters were presented as separate on the front, rather than in the same shot, which implies that Imelda may not really be there, or that they are presented as two separate characters when in reality they are not.


Similarly in the Fight Club (1999) poster the two characters are presented as separate, which could be a suggestion that the character Edward Norton suffers from dissociative identity disorder, and the character of Tyler Durden is actually a figment of his imagination. I wanted all of our promotional material for our film such as posters, the DVD cover and DVD to be ambiguous, and once the audience watches the film and then looks back onto our material, they begin to question the films meaning. Alike what I did when I watched Fight Club and then came to interpret the poster in a completely different way. The fact that in the Fight Club poster, both Norton and Durden are in the exact same room with the same background wall tiles, but are presented as being separate with a black line dividing them, to me, highlights the fact that they are actually the same person, split into two separate personalities. This is what I wanted to convey on the DVD cover for Eli. 


Possible DVD designs:


Upon reflection, we decided to use the last DVD design as it’s the most aesthetically pleasing and the most ambiguous. The fact that the DVD cover is an image of the two actors, made we want to use an image of just the sea for the DVD cover. We also had to cut this shot from our film as it didn’t work, but it’s one of my favourite shots, so I wanted to use it for something. The fact that the DVD is a circular shape creates the illusion of a peephole, the audience feel as if they are being given an insight into a world that shouldn’t be available to them; a world of fantasy.

Here’s the final DVD design:

I’m really pleased with how the DVD design has turned out.




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