Offering advise to other groups:

As a class we made the collective decision to offer advice to one another during the editing process, as we thought this would be really productive for post production.


I sat in with Corin while he was editing for his film and helped him make some changes. There was one scene where the two main characters are standing in the kitchen having a conversation, and the man reveals that he misses his dead wife, in the current edit Corin had done the man drops a piece of cutlery on the floor after revealing he missed his wife. I suggested editing so that the man drops the cutlery before revealing his wife is dead as I felt it would have more of an impact. Having him drop the cutlery after revealing his wife is dead seemed a bit unnecessary, and didn’t really add to the storyline. Corin took my advice and changed the edit, which worked really well and built tension.


I’ve sat in with the group producing the documentary Dulhan a few times, and offered advice regarding promotional photo’s, colour corrections, font etc. In the photo displayed below, for their Facebook page, I offered them advice regarding which photo’s they should use etc. They appreciated an outside perspective.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 18.43.46Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 18.44.08

My group met with the group producing the film Worlds Apart and they watched our first edit and gave us some really helpful feedback. It was particularly helpful receiving feedback from people who haven’t yet seen any of our footage. I was concerned about one particular shot of dialogue where our actress Helen slightly messed up her line, but nobody noticed, which just shows that I only notice it because I know the script inside out, and know what the dialogue should of sounded like.

Meeting with Worlds Apart:

Our film:

  • Thinking about whether we want music or not. If we don’t use music we need to record more sound to emphasise certain shots that we haven’t recorded sound for, such as Eli brushing his hands through his hair.
  • Shaky cutaways – need to be reshot or cut out completely
  • Intro needs to be cut down – less reaction shots with the phone scene, get into dialogue quicker
  • Colour corrections need to be made – it’s obvious the sky colour difers
  • “His dog line” – sound seems different from the rest – louder
  • “I’m assuming you’ve been” line – possibly cut it to you’ve been? Doesn’t sound natural
  • The slip shot –dramatic irony? The audience knows that Imelda has disappeared before Eli does
  • Put a shot of the open space before Eli looks around to show that Imelda isn’t present – then cut to Eli looking around

Feedback for Eli:

  • Cut down the shaky shot of the white cliffs to stabilize it, slow it down
  • The shot of the cliffs where the focus is pulled should be cut out because it doesn’t fit
  • If we can’t get more cutaways we’re going to have to cut the film down and make it shorter – we don’t want a talking head style film
  • Juxtaposition between shot over the cliff down and the sea to the foggy shot of the white cliffs is too much – needs to be moved around
  • Possibly cut some of the script – so we can add more pauses between dialogue –


Feedback for Worlds Apart film:

  • Very atmospheric and emotive
  • Needs to be an establishing shot of the barn


Me and Nelly met with Dave to show him the progress of our film. He gave us some really helpful advice.

Feedback from Dave:

  • Don’t have the shot of Imelda approaching Gabriel from the left as we have her walking towards him on the right – it doesn’t work
  • Don’t use any of the cutaways – get new cutaways
  • When Eli walks to the edge – cut it with a close up shot of his feet walking towards the edge
  • With the initial dialogue between Eli and Imelda, cut with shots of the sea etc,
  • Include SOME music, a melody at the beginning, some pads and some synth and some chords on the guitar, add more ambient sound
  • Cut the shot of Eli looking at him phone down
  • Get more shots of the sea, from all angles
  • Cut some of the dialogue where Eli is talking about his dog – “it would have been harder to abbreviate”, and cut Imelda’s line “with a name like Hercules you’d expect it to be able to look after itself”
  • With the dialogue about sea waves cut to shots of the waves

Advice for cutaways:

  • Slider shots
  • Still shots of the sea
  • Low angle shots of the grass blowing in the wind
  • For every shot film it in 3 shot sizes

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