Most challenging aspects as director:

As the director and script writer, I felt very much responsible for the production of the film. On a whole, our group worked very well together, the external help we got from Will (cinematographer) and Lizzie (sound) was amazing, and as Lizzie, Will and Gabriel had all worked together before they had fantastic chemistry which really helped during filming. The fact that everyone was familiar with each other really added to the atmosphere on shoot, everyone was positive and cheerful which made the shoot all the more enjoyable.

I did struggle with people over-stepping their roles. It was difficult having a new member of the group joining during the second term, as we had already discussed the roles we were willing to do, and this had to change when a new member joined the group. I felt that my role of director wasn’t taken seriously, and a lot of the time I found myself feeling frustrated with people trying to impose on my job title. As I knew the main actor very well, I felt that we had a really good working relationship, I was especially comfortable directing him as I knew he wasn’t going to find anything offensive, and respect my role as director. While working in a small group has been really positive in many aspects, because it meant we were a very close knit working team, it had it’s difficulties as well. The dynamics of working in a group of three became very complex because when it came to making decisions we often disagreed, and I found this challenging because I felt like it got quite heated if we couldn’t resolve our differences, due to the small size of our group. For example, if in a group of 5/6 people they have a disagreement there is more people to have a discussion about it and if one person is out-ruled it seems a fairer decision, because there have been more opinions put forward. However, in a group of three it can seem quite unfair if one person is being out-ruled by the other two.

I felt as director I should have been able to freely express myself more than I was able to. I have a quite relaxed method of working and I feel this grated on certain members in my group as they do not work in this way. However, I feel as director I should have been able to work at the pace I wanted to work at. I would always make sure everything was accomplished in the correct amount of time, and shouldn’t of been pressured to work in a particular way just because it suited other members of the group.

As a whole, this experience has been a strong learning curb. It has opened my eyes to some of the challenges I may face in the workplace. I have never really had to work with someone that I haven’t got on with before, and being put in a situation where I was in a small group with someone I found extremely difficult to work with has definitely been a beneficial experience, as it’s likely to happen at some point in my future career.
I have learnt to try and handle aggravating situations with a calm attitude, and not let myself get wound up. In this particular working environment a lot of the communicating, and therefore disagreeing, took place over social media, such as Facebook Messenger. I feel this was a positive thing because it gave me time to reflect on the situation and choose my words wisely, whereas if it had taken place in person I may have struggled to keep as calm.


I found this podcast on Ridley Scott offering advice about how to be a successful director really inspirational, he says that directors have to stand their ground. In this industry people will always question whether or not is good. He says the job as the director is to dictate what you want. It was reassuring to hear that a successful director like Scott is still questioned regarding his visions and decisions as a director. It made me felt a lot less annoyed about the fact that my peers had questioned some of my decisions, and gave me more understanding of what the film industry is like, and the challenges I will have to face.


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