Finding a cinematographer:

As a small group of only three people, we were aware that we would need all the help we could get. I was in contact with a cinematographer, Will Walker, who is in first year at Sussex University, who had previously worked with my actor Gabriel. I decided to ask him whether he’d like to help us out with the cinematography for our short film. He was really enthusiastic to be part of our project. It was really great having someone with more experience regarding cinematography, than me or the other members of our group. The whole process felt much less amateur. I really enjoyed working alongside Will, not only was he a fantastic cinematographer but he was very enthusiastic to offer his own personal advice regarding shots, without stepping on my toes as director. We also saved a lot of time on set from working with Will, as he was more knowledgeable regarding what sort of shots would work and what shots wouldn’t, some of the shots I had initially planned on getting weren’t plausible due to the lighting situation etc, and he could give us information regarding what we would be wasting our time attempting to shoot. On top of this, the fact that Gabriel knew Will and they had worked together before gave Gabriel an added confidence with his acting , as he felt comfortable in front of Will, which was a really positive attribute to the film.




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