Review Process – for editing:


1. Sync all rushes (Editor)

2. Lay all shots/takes into a timeline in order of the script (Editor)

3. Include ALL takes even if there are obvious mistakes

4. Watch all rushes from beginning to end – making notes on best takes & other observations (Editor & Director)

5. Make bins of scenes and number/colour code selections (Editor)

6. Write a rushes log list per scene including notes and best takes (Director)

7. Do an assembly* of selected takes (editor) in script order

8. Review assembly (editor and Director)

9. Do a paper edit for film overall and for scenes as necessary (Director)

10. Do a first cut based on reviewed assembly and paper edit

11. Review and do a second cut

12. Continue with 3rd-5th cuts

13. Show 3rd,4th or 5th cut to sound editor/composer/producer plus non crew people

14. Export 4-5th version for sound editor to spot

15. Work towards final Picture lock = Final cut

16. After picture lock – do effects, grading, titles etc


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