Directors View – rushes log list:

Write a rushes log list per scene including notes and best takes during editing process.

Rushes Log:

Mid shot, MASTER SHOT, standing at the edge of the cliff:

1105 – Helen forgets her line before the line “Do you want to go first or shall I?” – there’s a long pause, which looks a bit awkward. It would need to be cut.

1194 – something is reflecting on Helen in this shot, possibly the clapper board reflecting the sunlight. – cannot be used, the lines were also messed up in this take.

1100 – Nice reaction from Gabriel where he looks at Helen more than in other takes. Good interaction between the two characters in this shot, they look at each other quite intensely. Only Gabriel looks up to the sky when he hears a seagull squawk overhead. This works better than when they both look up into the sky, as Gabriel is talking about his twin Eric which is an emotional topic, and him looking up into the sky is almost a way of escaping the conversation. – acting wise, this is the best take we have, both actors are very emotional and have great chemistry, it works really well. Helen messes up her line here “blocking out all the chaos in the world” – but we can cut this with a close-up of her doing the line. The noise of a plane comes towards the end of the clip, but we will cut at “family” so it doesn’t matter too much – the rumble can be heard towards the end but it’s not too bad and we can work with it.

1101- Helen’s not completely in focus in this as she is standing slightly behind Gabriel, so he’s in focus and she isn’t. – cant be used

Imelda walks over to Gabriel:

1098 – framing is off in this shot. I don’t like the angle of the shot or the framing. Helen is also rushing her lines in this shot, there isn’t enough pauses.

1096 – Helen is out of focus again, and I don’t like the framing of this shot, it doesn’t add anything to the scene. Some of Helen’s lines don’t sound right in this shot, they don’t flow properly – can’t be used due to bad focus

1094 – I don’t like when Helen has her arms folded in this shot, because the framing is quite strange, due to their extreme height different, you can’t really make out her arms and when they’re folded it distracts from the shot. – lines got messed up towards the end so we cut.

1093 – can’t be used because people walk into the frame

Walking to the edge of the cliff and sitting down MASTER SHOT pages 5 & 6:

1106 – I don’t like the walk towards the edge of the cliff – we cut early. We can reshoot Gabriel walking to the edge of the cliff, with a close-up of his feet, which we can cut with this shot.

1107 – beginning of this shot before we do the clapperboard is a nice shot of Helen and Gabriel as they stand on the edge of the cliff – could be used, dialogue and acting is very good in this shot, however, pulling focus has ruined elements of it, as some of it isn’t in focus at all. It works in some of the shot, but not others, at times it takes too long to pull focus and the character has already started speaking before they are in focus which make it looks unprofessional.

1110 – Don’t like how Gabriel walks to the edge of the cliff, pulling focus is a bit off – pulling focus works well when Gabriel says “Kangaroo’s”, the letterbox cuts off Gabriel’s legs so it’s not as clear that he’s sitting on the edge of a cliff, Helen messes up her line “a couple of months”, pulling the focus means that some of it isn’t in focus at all, neither characters are in focus when they’re speaking – can’t use all of this

1111- Wasn’t keen on the walk towards the edge of the cliff again, but prefer the sitting down. “That’s the dream” – pulling focus works here. Helen talks over Gabriel though – interrupting his line, which would need to be cut.

CLOSE UPS pages 1-5:

1168 – good close up of Gabriel, very emotive facial expressions. The sound for this shot is very quiet, so we may not be able to use it. But the close up of Gabriel can definitely be used as reaction shots if anything, as the acting is really good. Camera starts moving halfway through the shot, and gets repositions, which obviously needs to be cut out. “He was my twin” – good reaction where Gabriel says this, very emotional.

1170 – gets off to a bad start as Gabriel starting smiling. Gabriel pulls a weird expression throughout this shot, lots of squinting and smirking – can’t be used.

1171 – Sun’s in Gabriel’s eyes – can’t see the emotion in his eyes, he doesn’t look genuinely upset in this shot. Works really well when Gabriel says: “I love it” (about the sea), when he is focusing his eyes on one thing, you can notice the emotion behind them. The second half of the clip works really well. “Shame Hercules couldn’t complain about the ridiculousness of his name” – this line gets messed up and can’t be used. Gabriel looks towards his left a lot, which makes it seem like Imelda is on his left hand side, when she’s on his left. (as it’s a close-up of Gabriel we cannot see Imelda).

Close up of Eli sitting down pages 5-6:

1173 – In this shot Gabriel says “shame Hercules couldn’t argue about his ridiculous name” instead of “Shame Hercules couldn’t argue about the ridiculousness of his name”, which Gabriel seems to struggle with. Sounds more natural and rolls off the tongue better when he says “his ridiculous name” instead. This works much better in terms of dialogue. During this shot our filming was interrupted; by someone walking into the frame so we had to stop.

1187 – We accidentally got Gabriel to go from “Kangaroo’s” rather than “It’s the most beautiful place in the world” which limits the amount of footage we can use for this shot. We will have to use the master shot footage for this section. Nice emotion from Gabriel in this close-up, he definitely looks more emotional than in 1171.

1174 – Fly lands on Helen’s face in this shot – which is very distracting,

1176 – Helen speaks over Gabriel in this shot, people also walk into shot towards the end of the shot.

1178 – a fly comes into this shot as well, as Helen is talking about how peaceful the sea is.

1189 – I’m not particularly keen on this angle, as it’s from the side and makes it a bit confusing for the audience.

1191- I much prefer this angle, but a plane flies overhead towards the end which is really loud and distracting.

1195 – cutaway of Gabriel and Helen standing in silence – focused is pulled between the two. Good footage to be used as a cutaway, if we sync it with some ambient sound.

Profile shot – Pages 1-5:

1202 – Lighting has changed in this shot and gotten much darker, which will need to be corrected. Helen also has a shadow on her head; that looks like the boom equipment. Profile shot of Gabriel and Helen, nice change of perspective from the master shot and front-on close-ups. Nice angle for Gabriel to say the line “He called his dog Hercules and his son Elijah.” When Helen says the sea is peaceful, Gabriel looks directly at the camera, which will need to be cut.

1194 – I don’t like the framing of this shot, Helen is too far to the left of the screen and it looks uneven. I also think that the fact she is out of focus, but in the foreground, and he’s in focus but in the background doesn’t work well.

1195 – cutaway profile shot of Helen and Gabriel standing at the edge of the cliff – no dialogue. Gabriel does something weird with his tongue

Tracking shot of Helen as she walks towards Gabriel at the edge of the cliff:

1112- I like the initial part of this shot – its very atmospheric having Helen walking towards a blurry out of focus figure. It’s very shaky though as it’s shot with a handheld camera.

1114 – This is the least shaky of the three versions of this shot. We may not be able to use this footage though, as it may not fit with the rest of the film because the rest is shot with static camera.

1115- This shot is too shaky

1116- This shot is really nice, I like the fact that we’ve got a clear view of the white cliffs in the background, and it’s very mysterious that Helen seems to appears over the hill out of nowhere. The framing is really nice

1065 – taken on the first day when it was quite windy, this shot is quite shaky but I really like the shot and the lighting, it’s very ambient and mysterious as Imelda walks towards Gabriel

1075 – shot of Gabriel standing at the edge of the cliff, the horizon isn’t level which makes the framing look unprofessional.

Gabriel standing at the edge of cliff as Helen approaches him, from profile angle Gabriel in foreground Helen in background – bit difficult to shoot due to height different, Helen is very small and cannot be seen if she’s standing next to Gabriel from certain angles:

1081 – Gabriel is a bit out of focus in this. As Helen walks into shot she stands too far backwards and cannot be seen. – can’t be used

1083 – Helen stands in the correct position in this take however someone walks into shot – can’t be used

1085 – This is the best shot of Helen walking towards Gabriel and standing at the edge of the cliff with him. They both remain in focus throughout.

Gabriel standing at the edge of cliff and Helen approaches him – from front on angle:

1088 – camera is wobbly because of the wind, and it’s much darker because there is a cloud overhead. I prefer this angle but I don’t think it can be used due to how shaky the camera is. If we use this shot we would have to reframe it, and have a bit of Gabriel’s head cut out of the top, so Imelda can be seen more

1067 – this a really short handheld clip of Gabriel walking towards the edge of the cliff, but it works really well. The sunlight behind him creates an effective silhouette. Could be used as a trailer or promo – or somewhere near the beginning of the film. The glare from the sun creates a strong sense of mystery and foreboding.

Eli standing at the edge of the cliff alone, looks over as Imelda is approaching (she doesn’t come onto shot):

1071 – would have to be reframed. – don’t like this shot

1075 – Gabriel is standing on the edge of the cliff and looks over at Imelda – framing is a bit off in this shot, the horizon seems wonky – don’t like this shot

1076 – Best of the 3 shots, framing is much better, mid shot.

1079 – long shot version of Gabriel looking over at Imelda walking over, camera is a bit shaky for this shot as well towards the end

Mid shot of Helen and Gabriel standing at the edge of the cliff looking onto the horizon:

1118 – Really nice shot, would need to be slightly reframed as the horizon is a bit wonky – no dialogue

1120 – shot of Gabriel sitting on the edge of the cliff – nice shot but the camera is quite shaky due to the wind. Gets less shaky towards the end, could be used – no dialogue

1127 – Shot from behind of Helen and Gabriel, as Gabriel sits at the edge of the cliff and Helen stands further behind – nice shot, almost fish eye lens – this can be used to distract from the bad focus pulling in the master shot for pages 5-6.

1128 – Same shot from behind of Helen and Gabriel as Gabriel sits at the edge of the cliff. – I prefer this angle, but Helen’s legs are very prominent through her skirt as it’s very windy.

Gabriel slipping at the edge of the cliff:

1139 – practicing the slip – delete this file as it cannot be used

1140 – badly choreographed slip, the first few seconds could be used before he completely falls on his back

1141 – delete – use for bloopers

1142 – none of this can be used – the fall isn’t great

1143 – I like the framing in this shot, as it does really look like Gabriel is standing on the end of the cliff, but again the slip isn’t well choreographed – going to have to be cut with a close up of his foot slipping, rather than shooting his whole body as he slips

profile shot closer up angle of the slip:

1155 – cant be used

1154 – badly choreographed

1153- badly choreographed – doesn’t really look like it’s on the edge of the cliff from the angle

1150 – Gabriel stumbles, could use the beginning part of this

1151 – badly choreographed, doesn’t look realistic.

1152 – can’t be used

1149 – can’t be used

1148 – can’t be used

1147 – better in terms of pacing, he doesn’t rush the slip, but it still doesn’t look like a natural slip

1146 – can’t be used


1059 – shaky cutaway can’t be used

1186 – cutaway of the sun reflecting onto the sea – really nice shot, could definitely be used as a cutaway – very tranquil

1188 – close up Gabriel – kangaroos, nice quality close-up but Gabriel could have a more emotional expression on his face.

Paper edit:



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