Degree Show brochure:

For the degree show brochure we have to include a paragraph that introduces our film as well as a poster to promote it.

  • Title
  • Your name as you wish it to be printed
  • First paragraph (which is where you talk about the work itself). This should be just a few sentences and should be about the work (the idea behind it, the choice of medium and its relevance, etc)
  • Second paragraph (where you discuss the context of the work). The second paragraph should describe the work’s context (it should mention works that it is influenced by and also how it builds on what they have researched here at Sussex/while you’ve been a student).

This is the first draft of our paragraph for degree show brochure:


Elly Moohan-Kabala, Fenella Tookey and Tarryne Rolle

This short film explores an unexpected conversation between two strangers. A young man, Eli, who is stood on the edge of a cliff is contemplating his existence. An elderly woman, Imelda, turns up seeking the same escape. Set near the Seven Sisters, along the Sussex coastline which is a notorious hot spot for suicide, the film highlights that suicide is prevalent in our local area and the emotion that could be behind these shocking statistics. Throughout this film, the viewer is privy to someone’s thought processes minutes before they want to take the leap and how they can be distracted from their purpose of being there.

Ideas can come from simple research practices such as immersing oneself with the world. The film’s location came from walking along Beachy Head cliff tops as well as investigative findings of local’s anecdotes about suicide case studies. Additionally, this project was inspired by the works of Carol Morley, specifically her film Edge (2010) which looks at how suicide affects people of all ages and genders. Additionally, how despite representing such a serious topic matter, moments of comic relief are needed. Looking at literature, Nick Hornby’s ‘A Long Way Down’ helped shaped our characters and their unlikely situation when facing a stranger at such a pinnacle moment.


Final draft submitted:


Elly Moohan-Kabala, Fenella Tookey and Tarryne Rolle

This short drama, written and directed by Elly Moohan-Kabala, follows a grief stricken Eli Wells (25). Eli finds himself stood on a cliff edge intending to jump when an older woman, Imelda (65), approaches him. The two strangers form an unexpected bond through their mutual understanding and outlook on life.

Acknowledging the rising number of suicides in the UK, our film is set near Beachy Head; one of the most notorious suicide spots in the South of England. The grandiose landscape of the Sussex coastline juxtaposes the beauty of nature with the tragedy of death. Inspirations for this piece include Carol Morley’s film Edge (2010) – a film that uses light-hearted humour to tackle how suicide affects people of all ages and genders. The literary works of Nick Hornby’s ‘A Long Way Down’ also inspired our character’s development when confronted at a crucial moment in his life.


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