Budget breakdown:

This is the final budget breakdown. As you can see the majority of our money is going towards the cost of the location. This is a shame, as if we didn’t have to pay to shoot on location, we were going to rent a drone to get some really good cinematic shots. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to shoot at Beachy Head, like we had initially planned. Therefore we’ve had to discard the idea of using a drone for some of the shots. Although this is really disappointing, the location is ultimately the most important thing to consider, as I decided on the location being at the edge of a cliff, before I had even finished writing my script. I think having the perfect location is more important than having a drone. We were lucky enough to fin actors who don’t need accommodation; Gabriel lives in Brighton for university and Helen has family in Brighton.
We have £12 a head for lunch at the golf course which has worked out very well, as on the first day of shooting it was Burger Thursdays:


Category Breakdown Total Budget
Accommodation £0


Location Costs £360 £360
Food (wrap meal with cast) £20 per head X5 £100
Craft Service £15 Breakfast ingredients.

Lunch at the Golf course – £12 ph for 7 people for 4 Shooting days



Transport £20 pp return to

London x2

£7.50 Parking permits

£60 Petrol

£60 Petrol for testing days

£12 Day Petrol

£210 – Taxi’s for three days Falmer/Seaford return

Props, ‘Set medic’, Costume, Make-Up Total




Production Crew:

–  Sound Design

–  Cinematographer

–  Runner

IN-KIND (expenses)

£12pp per day

IN-KIND £132
Marketing 23 Cards (£5)

5 A4 Posters (£7.50)

5 A3 posters (£15)

9 DVDs (£22.50)

5 t-shirts (£30)

5 Invitations (£5)

Contingency 10% £135.37
GRAND TOTAL £1489.07

As things progressed throughout the production of our film we had to make some changes to the budget. We encountered issues with transportation, such as one of our drivers hurting themselves and therefore being unable to drive us to the shoot. This is the finalised budget breakdown with the changes made.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.07.29



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