Final script:

This is the final script that we used on set, however, due to various reasons we had to cut certain sections out. Mainly it was to cut down the running time of the film, as we decided to include more cutaways than I had initially intended, which meant if we included all the dialogue we would go over out time limit. Some of the dialogue didn’t add to the storyline, so during the editing process we cut out a lot of it. I had always wanted the film to include a variety of beautiful cutaways rathe than just shots of dialogue, as I felt this would limit the film to being very static. There were certain lines I was very adamant on keeping, as I felt they were very vital in the development of my film. These are as follows:

IMELDA: Right then do you want to go first or shall I? – I think this is a really important line and I wasn’t willing to cut it as I felt that it’s the first proper indication to the audience that the two characters are in fact planning on jumping off the cliff to their deaths. I also feel that there’s an element of dark humour to this line, there’s something comical about an old woman being so matter-of-fact about the idea of suicide, you’d expect an older woman to fulfil the motherly character that would plead with Eli to come away from the cliffs edge.

ELI: We had a dog when I was growing up. – The importance of this line for me is the subtext of the two characters going on to discussing dogs, dogs really being a metaphor for their relationships, Imelda’s with her deceased husband and Eli with his father.

ELI: Dad always let Eric look after him. – This is an important line as it gives the audience an insight into the reasons behind why Eli and his father have a dysfunctional relationship, it also explains why Eli would be contemplating suicide when he reveals Eric WAS his brother.

ELI: His dog was named after the son of god and I’m just named after some prophet, it’s like he was trying to say something. – The significance of this line is to emphasise how bitter Eli feels towards his father, he even blames him for naming him a name he doesn’t approve of, and introduces the title of our film Eli. The fact that Eli expresses jealously towards his dad’s dog really conveys how bad the relationship between them must be.

IMELDA: Waves are supposed to be therapeutic. I get that, there’s nothing as tranquil as immersing your head under the water, blocking out all the chaos going on in the world, and just being at one with the sea. – I like this line because it introduces the theme of the sea being therapeutic, and almost a form of recovery. The fact that Eli looks out towards the sea when he is talking to Imelda, works hand in hand with this line, as it shows that he is almost regarding the sea as an additional character that he can confide in. It also suggests that perhaps Imelda isn’t really there, and he’s talking to the sea, rather than her.

ELI: Nothing compares to the coral reef – this line introduces the concept of Eli wanting to escape from his current situation, it creates a sense of relief for the audience, it shows that he isn’t completely pessimistic about life, and perhaps there is hope for him. The them of Australia also leads onto the kangaroo line which is of great significance.

ELI: Kangaroo’s. They only ever move forward never backwards – I really like this line as it’s very ambiguous. It emphasises Eli’s want to live and move forward with his life, the kangaroo is a metaphor for Eli himself, and his want to move past his twins death and get on with his own life, escaping his father and everything holding him back from achieving happiness.

ELI: Shit that was close. – while this may not seem like a very significant line, in context with the rest of the film it is. Eli says this after he slips and almost falls of the cliff, the fact that he is scared from slipping and voices this concern out loud, suggests that he isn’t actually ready to die. This is also the line where the audience realise that Eli is speaking to himself and Imelda is no longer there with him.

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