Directors view – Changes made to script on set:

As director, I made the conscious decision to not rehearse my actors. I wanted their acting to be as natural as possible. As the film is about two strangers meeting at the edge of a cliff, I decided to keep the actors unfamiliar with one another for the shoot, in the attempt to try and create some truthful awkwardness between the two. While this definitely paid off in terms of my actors coming across as strangers on screen, it meant that I wasn’t able to hear what the dialogue would sound like coming from the actors before shooting. luckily, the majority of the dialogue worked really well and flowed naturally. However there were a few changes I made to the script after hearing the actors during the first shoot. The first thing I changed was the sentence “Who calls their dog Hercules and their son Elijah, as when I hear the dialogue out loud I realised Eli states his name twice, which doesn’t make much sense. Instead of including this line I just went straight to the line “His dog was named after ‘the son of `God’ and I’m just named after some prophet. It’s like he was trying to say something.” – this way when Imelda says “Whats your name, Moses?”, and Eli replies “No, Elijah.”, he isn’t repeating his name. After hearing this dialogue I also decided to take out the ‘no’ from “No, Elijah” and just have “Elijah”, as I feel it adds some seriousness to Eli’s tone. He’s being short and to the point, which emphasises how passionately he feels about his dads choice of name for him.
The other sentence I decided didn’t flow ver well was Eli’s line “I went traveling through New Zealand and Australia after uni. I was working my way through the top ten beaches in Oz, Bondi Beach, Lizard Island, Byron Bay. But I had to come back.”, when hearing this line out loud I felt it was a bit too wordy, it didn’t seem to flow naturally off the tongue and sounded a bit forced. I decided to cut it down to “I went travelling after uni. I was working my way through the top ten beaches in Oz, Bondi Beach, Lizard Island, Byron Bay. But I had to come back.” I felt this sounded more natural, and instead of listing NewZealand and Australia, he merely mentions ‘Oz’, which sounds more like a realistic conversation.


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