Behind the scenes from shoot:

Photo’s from first shoot – Thursday 3rd March:

We were incredibly lucky with weather for our first shoot. We managed to achieve some really aesthetically pleasing shots due to the good weather! Because of the good weather and not very strong winds, we were also able to get some acceptable dialogue recorded, which is something we were initially very concerned about as during all our other visits to the location it had been very windy which distorted the sound recording.


Photo’s from second shoot – Saturday 5th March:

As you can see from the umbrella, we were less fortunate with weather for this shoot. While the wet weather was problematic, we were still able to get some good shots. Our biggest issue during this shot was the wind, making it impossible to record sound successfully, therefore we had to focus on achieving shots with no dialogue.


Last shooting day -13/04/16:

This shoot was just with Gabriel, as we were getting shots of just him. This was our absolute final shooting day with the actors, beforehand me and Nelly had been through all of the footage we had obtained in previous shoots, and made a joint decision in what else we needed to get for our film. Some of the footage we had wasn’t up to the standard that we wanted, so we reshot it during this final day of shooting. As you can tell from the photo’s this day was much sunnier than the rest, which will need to be amended through colour correction in the post production process.

12980462_10154035445074178_509045353_n12992304_10154035445029178_897990511_nThe tide was quite far out during this shoot, which meant we could get some nice perspective high angle shots from the beach below. I especially liked the way the visibility of the waves crashed against the shore was more visible due to the low tide. When the beach isn’t visible below, it’s not as clear how high up it is from the top of the cliff.

12992923_10154035444989178_1355811312_nWe recorded a lot of ambient sound during this shoot, as we had decided that it was likely that we weren’t going to include music in our short film, and therefore would need a wide variety of ambient sound to create atmospheric background noises. We wanted ambient sound of the sea waves and seagulls flying overhead. We also recorded sound of Gabriel scratching his beard, and zipping up his jacket, and these shots are shot close-up and we wanted to emphasise these small details to create tension for the audience.

13020033_10154035444994178_952283903_nOne of the most important shots for this shoot was getting the shot of Gabriel throwing his phone off the cliff into the sea, it was difficult getting the shot of his phone ringing as it was very sunny, and the reflection on the phone wasn’t visually pleasing.

Final shooting day to get cutaways – advised by Dave:

For this last shoot just me and Nelly went, to get some cutaways. As we weren’t happy with the quality of our cutaways from the previous shoot, they were very shaky as they were shot handheld. When we received feedback from another group they strongly advised us to not use the cutaways we had. When we also showed Dave our footage he really liked everything except for some of the cutaways we had used, so this confirmed that we either had to limit the amount of cutaways we used, and only use the good quality footage, or to reshoot the cutaways. I decided that it was very important, for the benefit of the film, to have some really good quality atmospheric cutaways of the sea and the surroundings, not only to establish the films location but to use for dramatic effect during the dialogue between Imelda and Eli.

13020522_10154050166899178_1414697797_n13023211_10154050167264178_1001523058_nWe wanted a few more shots of the sea from above, looking downwards over the cliff edge; mirroring the perspective of Eli as he stands on the edge contemplating suicide.

13023332_10154050167209178_1710329033_nFor this shoot we decided to go down onto the beach to get some footage of the waves from a much closer angle. I thought it would be nice to have some panning shots, using the slider, of the sea waves from a closer perspective, as it would add some variety to the shots used in our film.

13023388_10154050166874178_1183748544_nWe hadn’t got many shots of the scenery using the slider, but we both agreed that we thought slider shots are very cinematic and atmospheric, so we tried to get as many shots of the scenery as we could using the slider. The majority of the shots of dialogue in our film are static so I thought it would be a nice contrast to include some movement shots of the scenery.

13059450_10154050167114178_1879570072_n13059543_10154050167244178_1492083899_n13077108_10154050166969178_794971857_nOne of our favourite aspects of Seaford Head was the beautiful white cliffs in the background, however, with the chosen location we decided to film at the cliff’s aren’t as visible as I would have liked. So me and Nelly decided to get much closer to them and get some footage with a zoomed-in lens, to emphasise the sheer height of the cliffs.


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