Using Nikon D7000

On the 3/02/16 I joined a group from the Documentary class to experiment using the Nikon D7000, to see what the different lenses were like. For their documentary they will be filming an Indian wedding, therefore they will have to use a lenses that captures a lot of past paced action in good quality, where as my short film isn’t fast paced at all, therefore our lenses choices will vary. I really like the effect the wide angle lens creates, and feel this particular lens will work very well for our shots of the location. I think they’ll add a cinematic feel to the film, which we would really like.


After experimenting with the different lenses available for the Nikon D7000, I decided to conduction my own research. I went to YouTube to find some helpful videos regarding the different lenses, and what they can be used for.


I found both these Nikon lens tutorials very helpful. I discovered, as I had first expected, that the wide angle lens would be best for the shots of the landscape that I want to include in The Edge. Using a wide angle lens will ensure that we can get as much scenery in the shot as possible, I feel that using a wide angle lens at Beachy Head will add emphasis on the sheer height of the cliff top. In particular, I want the lighthouse to be visible in most of the shots, as it puts the height into perspective, as it looks so small from the top of the cliff.

With this photo as an example of how small the lighthouse appears in comparison to the cliff.

Light Play over Beachy Head


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