New title ideas:

As we discovered there is another film called Edge (2010) by Carol Morley which was also filmed at Beachy Head, with the subject matter of suicide, we had to change the name of our film The Edge. This proved to be a very difficult task, as we were all very set on the original name. At first I looked at some synonyms of Edge, I quite liked The Brink, but the other people in my group weren’t keen on this as a name. We came up with a list of potential ideas:

  • A Moment of Contemplation

  • Contemplation

  • Contemplating

  • Reflection

  • The Edge of Reflection

  • The Brink
  • The Brink of Reflection

  • The Cliff

  • Cliffside

  • Along the Cliff

  • Along the Cliffside

  • Along the Cliff Edge

  • (A/The) Moment

  • Windswept

  • Chalk

  • Chalkside

  • In the Wake

  • Crashing Waves

  • Falling Waves

  • Hercules

  • Leaving

  • The Walk

  • The Path to Leave

  • The Path’s Edge

  • Life’s Edge

  • The End of the Path

  • Meeting Grief

  • Facing Grief

  • Cliff Face

  • Facing the Cliff

  • Facing the Fallen

  • Face to Face

I suggested putting a few of our chosen favourite names onto the background of Beachy Head, in the font we will be using for the opening title, to get a clearer idea of what it will look like aesthetically. Below are the four we were most keen on.


After much contemplation we made the decision to call the film Eli, after the main characters name. We felt this worked quite well as it’s a little more mysterious than Cliffside, or Windswept. I liked A Moment, but felt it suggested the theme of romance, which is definitely not what our film is about. In addition, there is a significant piece of dialogue in the film where Eli discusses his name with Imelda:

His dog was named after the ‘son of
God’, and I’m just named after a

There’s loads of prophets. Joseph?

No. Elijah.

Let me guess, Eli for short?

Of course, that especially mad my
dad mad. Apparently he didn’t give
me an important name to have it
carelessly abbreviated.

I felt that calling the film Eli, creates some ambiguity as the audience wouldn’t know that this is the characters name up until the conversation documented above. It also hints that the film is about the emotional development of the character Eli, which it is. I really like the fact that the new title is merely one word, it compliments the simplistic theme of our film being a single conversation between two characters.




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