Date:  22/01/16

Attendees: Tarryne & Nelly

Aim: Outlining plan of action for next term including; final preproduction, production processes and post-production.

Outcome: Tarryne asked how old Imelda was supposed to be, Nelly clarified 70/80.

After discussion, Tarryne decided to take on the role of Producer within the team.
Despite raising over budget on Kickstarter, Nelly suggested it might be good to do a pub quiz to raise awareness of the film locally. Another way of marketing. The budget has also factored in producing DVDs and T-shirts for those who have donated on kickstarter. These could be designed and printed whilst Nelly is editing.


Need to cast ‘Imelda’. Elly has done previous casting research on Casting Call Pro, will need to look into this as a group and contact those we like. Could also look up Brighton Actors too. For the auditions, Tarryne suggested Gabe (already casted as ‘Eli’) should attend to see how the auditionees work with him, especially the chemistry between them. This would mean that one of us won’t be needed to do the reading alongside, we can take our respective roles. Although in the budget, it was factored in to use an external space to hold auditions, could use the studio on campus. Same for rehearsals too. The budget will cover expenses for auditionees. We could meet them at Falmer station or Nelly could drive to Brighton station to pick them up (but a lot of to –ing and fro-ing).

Would need to do at least one rehearsal with the actors before shooting.

Matter of buying props and costumes ready for the shoot.


Production logistics

Look into Airbnb in Brighton for actors and get them in taxis to Beachy Head. Nelly’s car can be used for crew and equipment. Taxis for runners from campus. Meet them at campus?

Budget has accounted for hotel stay for actors and a meal the night before the shoot. Possibly a ‘’wrap’’ meal too at the end of filming.


Lizzie Parkinson to help with sound postproduction (possibly production as well, boom op/sound op).

Will to be cinematographer.

3 Runners.


Using DSLR- the D800. Nelly was told using F50 makes the image more cinematic.

Hiring a drone for variety of shots (not just from the back/side profile of characters).

Ice lights/portable lightweight lighting solutions and black flags. Need 2 runners to hold these.

Nelly thinks a portable monitor will be useful for this shoot as it is difficult to determine quality of the image from a small screen. Nelly is looking at getting a new camera, possibly Dave’s one which came with a Bluetooth monitor. Panasonic Gh4, second hand £800. Plan B is to carry on as is but only know quality when reviewing rushes.


Imelda’s make-up needs to be decided by Elly as director. Both Imelda and Eli should have matte foundation/powder to stop their faces from being too shiny on camera/reflection of the light sources. It is within the runner’s job to apply this powder, but might need to get someone with more make up experience to apply Imelda’s make-up. Nelly could ask her friend, or Tarryne could ask Diyana from UniTV who produces ‘The Beauty Bible’.

Whilst setting up at the beginning of the shoot, need somewhere comfortable for the actors to be.  Would need to ask Beachy Head pub whether the actors/runner/Elly could be in their lobby whilst the rest of the crew are setting up. However, being a pub it could open later than the time Nelly has scheduled for us to start filming.

Tarryne mentioned when the crew are setting up equipment, Elly should be with the cast going through their lines, she has to spend more time with cast than crew but then again she has to confirm the lighting and set up to how she wants it. We could always phone her when we think it’s ready for her to give the all clear on it.


Beachy Head pub. £12 per head, they serve lunch and hot drinks. Runners could take down people’s orders before and give the pub an approximate time we will be coming in so dinner will be there waiting. Need to phone Beachy Head pub to ask whether they do takeaway hot drinks. If they don’t we can take flasks and canisters of tea/coffee. Nelly increased the amount of time for lunch break to allow time to review the rushes.

Aim is to complete filming by 19th March. Nelly could start the edit during Easter break and then have group sessions at her house after the easter break (week commencing 4th April).


Promotion and distribution of the film

Nelly has looked into promoting the film to Samaritans. They are also based in Beachy Head. Although very apt and topical, Tarryne thought that perhaps not with the ambiguous ending whether Imelda does commit suicide or not.

Also when Nelly is editing, Elly and Tarryne could be researching festivals we could put the film towards. After final draft of the edit we could apply to them.

To do:

  • Nelly- to send Tarryne production documents which will need to be updated and amended.
  • Tarryne to set up Facebook group to hold production files etc.  Later would need to make a Facebook group with cast and crew to organize them, this group will include runners and outside crew members as well as the actors.
  • Meeting 4th Feb at 10am to discuss casting research, casting and weekend experiments (sound and lighting changing throughout the day).
  • Get Gabe to give written confirmation that he is willing to play the part of ‘Eli’.

Date: 11-03-16


Tarryne & Elly

Aim: Develop degree show description


Elly read through the paragraph and proof read it. She also added to the influences section with reference to her own research and how the idea came about.

To Do:

  • Finalise landscape image for booklet.
  • Send Nelly these developments
  • Organise a meeting next week to finalise images & descriptions for the deadline on 17-03-16 at 4pm.
  • Nelly to organise reshoot date for cutaways/Gabe’s beginning sequence.
  • Nelly to print off poster with better quality.


Date: 15-03-16

Attendees: Nelly, Elly & Tarryne


  1. Finalise images and paragraph for degree show booklet.
  2. Arranging last shooting day and wrap meal.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 11.05.48Result:

  • We decided on the portrait and landscape images for our film;

Nelly also did a redraft of the description;


Elly Moohan-Kabala, Fenella Tookey and Tarryne Rolle

‘Eli’ is a short drama set near Beachy Head; one of the most notorious Suicide spots in the South of England. Eli Wells (25) grieving for the loss of a family member finds himself stood at a cliff’s edge ready to end his turmoil. At Eli’s decisive moment, an older woman, Imelda (65), approaches him seeking the same escape. The two form an unexpected alliance as the film explores possible thought processes behind such tragic actions that are still prevalent in today’s society.

[This short film highlights these shocking statistics, with male suicide totalling 78% of all UK suicides in 2013]

[This short film reflects upon the startling statistics that men are at a much higher risk of suicide]

Initial stimuli for this project arose from visiting Beachy Head, realising just how many suicides take place in this location lead to researching specific case studies from the local news. Other inspiration’s for this piece include Carol Morley’s film Edge (2010), which looks at how suicide affects people of all ages and genders, including moments of much needed comic relief despite representing such a serious topic. The literary works of Nick Hornby, specifically ‘A Long Way Down’ helped shape the character’s development when confronted by a stranger in such a pinnacle moment.

Elly and Tarryne were unsure about including the statistics in the blurb so came up with an alternative phrase.

Adrien then looked at this draft and suggested some amendments about structure and rewording which we applied here;


Elly Moohan-Kabala, Fenella Tookey and Tarryne Rolle

‘Eli’ is a short drama set near Beachy Head; one of the most notorious Suicide spots in the South of England. A grief stricken Eli Wells (25) finds himself stood at a cliff’s edge ready to end his turmoil. At his decisive moment, an older woman, Imelda (65), approaches him seeking the same escape. The two acquaintances form an unexpected bond through self-reflection.

The grandiose landscape juxtaposes the beauty of nature with the tragedy of death. This film touches upon the rising suicide count in the UK.

Other inspirations for this piece include Carol Morley’s film Edge (2010), which looks at how suicide affects people of all ages and genders. The literary works of Nick Hornby, specifically ‘A Long Way Down’ helped shape the character’s development of being confronted by a stranger in such a crucial moment.

  1. Nelly and Elly explained that it would be difficult organising a shooting date this week for the beginning and end sequences with Gabe. We should schedule a date the week after Easter which gives Gabe and Will three weeks’ notice. Also a wrap meal should be during this week too.

To do:

  • Be in communication with Gabe and Will to see their availability after Easter break.
  • Arrange with cast and crew for wrap meal.
  • Nelly to begin rough assembly over Easter.


Date: 05-04-2016

Attendees: Nelly and Tarryne

Aim: Rough schedule for rest of term and list of things that need doing.

Result:Nelly & Elly have written notes on specific vid clips, created a paper edit as such.

Things to do

  • Send Nelly £20 each.
  • Chase up Indie Gogo for funds!!
  • Schedule wrap meal.

Visual Editing processes.

  • Grading.
  • Foley sound- seagulls, sound of the slip.
  • Tarryne to help with mono to stereo sound.
  • Picture lock, Sound edit.
  • Tarryne & Elly’s job: Music- Talk to Elly Re: composing music for the film? Creative commons if not.


  • Redo shot for A3/A4 poster, DVD cover. (+6 DVDs for submission).
  • Thankyou cards (got image) Vista Print.
  • T Shirts
  • Test T-shirt transfers once we have the design. If not buy on Vista Print. (don’t know content).
  • Invitations (poster image).

Research for Festivals.



  • Final shooting day (06/04/2016) (beginning and end sequences). Also promo shots for marketing materials.
  • Paper edit completed.


  • All sound synched
  • Begin rough edit
  • Tarryne to begin/look into: design for Thankyou cards (got image) Vista Print.


  • Tarryne to look into festivals; deadlines and where.
  • Grading, sound edit (later in week).

21/22nd Foley sound.


  • Invitations (poster image) designed and sent off.
  • Design completed for A3/A4 poster, DVD cover. (+6 DVDs for submission).
  • Final draft of film. (30th April).


09/05/16 (submission week)

After submission:

  • Send out Thankyou cards.
  • T Shirts
  • Test T-shirt transfers once we have the design. If not buy on Vista Print. (don’t know content).

16/05/16 (degree show week)

Date: 12/04/2016

Attendees: Tarryne & Nelly


  • Look at rough cut of middle sequence.
  • Look at Thankyou card design and options.


  • Tarryne liked the rough cut but asked about the ‘profile’ shot showing Eli’s reaction to Imelda. It shows their interaction more and is a great shot. However, continuity wise, the cliffs are in the background which is where Imelda comes from at the beginning so may look odd. However, the cliffs are slightly blurred so may not be an issue. Nelly will think about adding it in to test whether it works.
  • Tarryne and Nelly both agreed with the class’ feedback that the film needs more pauses and we were also thinking about not including any music/soundtrack at all. It could be powerful just with ambient sound and sound of waves crashing for the credit sequence.
  • Nelly also showed Tarryne her thankyou card design. It was then exported into JPEG. Nelly looked at publishing websites for quotes and templates such as Vista Print and Moo. We realised it would be cheaper to print them at uni. However, we would need to factor in postage costs into our budget. Tarryne imported the design into Publisher and intends to print them during this week.
  • Nelly will also provide the shot document of the angles of the conversation so we can use that to reference in our 2500 words.

To do:

  • Update in goings and outgoings Excel doc with all money spent during production.
  • Tarryne to print thankyou cards.
  • Last shooting day tomorrow to get cutaways and beginning/ending sequences.


Date: 14/04/2016

Attendees: Tarryne & Nelly


  • Update in goings and outgoings with receipts and statements
  • Tarryne to look at rushes from 13/04/16.
  • Finalise and print off thankyou card designs


  • Tarryne updated the in-goings and outgoings with Nelly’s receipts, but need bank statement for some of the expenses as we have some blanks on how much we have spent on certain items.
  • Looking back at the rushes from the day before, Nelly thought it wise to reshoot as there was not much to work with.
  • Tarryne printed off the thankyou cards.

To do:

  • Send off/hand out thankyou cards after submissions.
  • Nelly continue on editing.
  • Nelly (and possibly Tarryne) to go and film the cutaways. Asking Ziyi for her camera (same as Will’s). Booked equipment provisionally for the weekend (15-18th).


Date: 22/04/16

Aim: Looking over 1st cut

Attendees: Nelly, Elly & Tarryne


  1. 0:59 establishing shot with Eli too far away from the edge than the cutaway before (leaning over edge).

-Nelly adding in this cutaway to give more space when Eli gets up (at the end of the film).

  1. This cut Imelda is not approaching.

– Could Try and wiggle some room to add her approach? Her appearance is quite abrupt, could show Eli longer whilst she is speaking without seeing her.

  1. Could cut out the zip. (Elly agrees too). Trimming more of the hair rubbing possibly.
  2. Imelda’s reaction to immersing head under water.

-Told to focus on the sea more, but now see Eli during this time.

  1. Different cutaway for ‘the sea is a weird thing’

-swap cutaways around CU first then more establishing sea waves.

  1. Tarryne liked the fact that Eli is stood alone when she is speaking.

-Could cut back to this when talking about Austrailia (Ziyi’s suggestion).


-Rejigging them be careful of eyeline match as most are looking down the cliff rather than straight over the cliff.

Elly’s general feedback

-Doesn’t like how much of the dialogue is cut out. Nelly suggested it does feel disjointed but this adds to the awkwardness.

-Slider on the Beach/cliff shot instead of end shot we currently have (cliffs in fog).

To do:

Nelly to make these changes.

Elly to look at phone ringtones, more abrupt.


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