Guest Lectures:

Lecture timetable:

Tuesday, 2 Feb @12pm, Fulton B
Welcome Back! (Attendance is key!)

Tuesday, 9 Feb @12pm, Fulton B
David Blount, Director (Plays & Readings)

Tues, 16th Feb @12pm, Fulton B
Katrina Sluis, Curator (Digital Programme) @Photographers Gallery

Tues, 23rd Feb @12pm, Fulton B
Orban Wallace, Director & Producer @ Gallivant Film

Tues, 1st March @12pm, Fulton B
Tom Betts, Nullpointer

Tue, 8th March @12pm, Fulton B
Andreas Schmidt , artist & photographer

Tue, 5th April @12pm, Fulton B
Hanna Berrigan, Theatre and TV series Director

Tues 12th April @12pm, Fulton B
Nick Tandavanitj, Blast Theory


Lecture 1 – welcome back:

In this first lecture we discussed the Degree Show of 2016, which is essentially a platform for us to exhibit our film as a final product on the 16th May.

We have to submit pictures for the Degree Show brochure by the 17th March, these pictures and short description of our film will be to inform the audience on what our short film is about. We will want the picture to convey emotion, and emphasise the film’s genre of suicide.

Lecture 2 – David Blount Director:

In this lecture David Blount was specifically talking about radio production, which I didn’t find particularly helpful, as I am not interested in radio production. However, it was interesting to learn about Blount’s area of expertise in radio drama, as radio drama is a still a hugely popular medium. I found it interesting listening to the different radio productions that Blount had been involved in, as it gave me an idea of the sort of dialogue that works well. It’s interesting listening to dialogue without seeing the characters faces. It made me think about the sort of dialogue I should use between my characters, one thing I was concerned about with my script is that I have the older character Imelda curse a few times, I was worried that the actress that plays Imelda may not fit the part of an older woman that swears. This is part of the reason I decided to make Imelda Irish, as I am used to hearing my Irish family swear, and know it wouldn’t sound out of place having Imelda say in an Irish accent “shite” or “bastard”.

Lecture 3 – Katrina Sluis – Curator:

How to do photography with networks. This lecture was useful as Katrina was talking about the value of marketing our projects, while she was specifically talking about photography, I am aware of the benefits of marketing our film. We have created a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page for the marketing of our film ‘Eli’.


 Lecture 4 – Orban Willis:

  • Orban was a student at Sussex, who graduated in 2012
  • Highs and lows after graduating
  • Before Sussex Orban got a job as a runner on the Harry Potter film – for two years
  • Makes the point that it is going to take you a long time to get any creative freedom
  • Advises to take opportunities to work on projects
  • Aeron – short film Orban made at Sussex in third year
  • Build your portfolio – made a showreel
  • Bat On Ball showreel – the projects they were doing at university
  • When he first graduated he started making low-budget music videos for his friends etc, this got him publicity and eventually people showed interest in his work
  • Orban showed us one of the first bigger budget music videos that he was involved in, called She’s A Witch by Gengahr
  • Wasn’t much work in Brighton – they expanded beyond Brighton, and moved to London
  • Had to build their brand by having a launch party
  • Rebranded themselves and made a new showreel for Galivant production company
  • As a team they were unmanageable – they got a manager and he left after two weeks – they needed someone who was good with money and self promotion
  • Problematic starting a company with your friends

Key points to take away:

  • You need to be motivated
  • You need to have a vision
  • You need to be dedicated
  • You need to be open to change
  • You need a good team with different skillset’s
  • Your team needs to have good communication
  • You need to network as much as possible
  • You need to invest in your own kit
  • An office will make everything more productive
  • You need to promote yourselves
  • You need a leader

Ended the lecture with showing us his documentary: Another News Story (A feature documentary):

Orban started the lecture by showing us a music video by a friend of his from Sussex, which he said would give us a vibe of his work. The music video was by Cosmo Sheldrake – The Fly, which was performed on a fishing boat in the English Channel.

Cosmo Sheldrake – The Fly:

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 01.17.59

Bat On Ball Creations Showreel :

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 01.24.03

Gengahr – She’s A Witch:
So far I have found Orban’s lecture the most relevant and interesting, I particularly enjoyed the music videos he’s been involved in. It was very insightful hearing the opinions of a young person who has recently graduated, as it’s the position we are going to be in ourselves very soon. It’s always really inspiring to see the type of work than other young people can achieve, and Orban’s is really impressive. My favourite piece of his work that he shared with us was Gengahr’s She’s A Witch, apart from really liking the song, which obviously helps, I was really impressed with the music video. It’s very unconventional, I really enjoy music videos with an actual story behind it rather than just the singer singing at the camera, which is what a large number of contemporary music videos do nowadays. I can really appreciate how challenging it must of been to film the entirety of the music video outside, as we found it really challenging filming on location and that was with just two people. From the work Orban showed us, it seems like he gets involved in the making of unconventional videos, which I really like, I feel that my film Eli is also quite unconventional in it’s topic and use of imagery. It’s very different from the other films being produced in class which makes me think that it’s somewhat unique. Rather than focusing on action, or the common theme of love, Eli uses subtext and symbolism of the ocean to convey emotion. Which is something I can see in Orban’s work. Another thing I took away from Orban’s lecture was the fact that he emphasised the importance of having a “leader” amongst your group in order to succeed. He discussed how the group of people he worked with were all his close friends and that sometimes this is difficult as nobody wants to declare themselves the leader. I think this was definitely the case with me and Nelly, both of us have a very relaxed way of working and sometimes this could result in things getting done at a slow pace, having someone who naturally enjoys the role of leading join our group definitely helped improve the pace at which things got done.
Lecture 5 – Tom Betts:

BBC big screen in Leeds – followed people with a camera, and as people moved around they triggered sounds – running towards or away from the camera and it would make different sounds.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 01.24.14

Tom Betts, aka Nullpointer, is an artist, academic and coder. He’s been a lecturer, designer, published musician, professional artist, warlock… Tom has just completed his PhD investigating the digital sublime in videogames. As part of this research he developed three games exploring the ideas of permutation and generativity in audiovisual game spaces. He is the lead programmer at game development studio Big Robot, who successfully Kickstarted the game “Sir, You Are Being Hunted” and developed the project through early access and Steam digital distribution. For a while he was a published musician and worked on a range of projects including setting up an automated generative radio station and touring with his band Weevil. He has performed with his software and delivered talks at international venues such as DIGRA, FreePlay, UNITE, Sonar, Rezzed and Indievelopment. He has also designed commercial interactive work for the Tate, V&A and Southbank Centre. He really likes generative systems, drinking coffee, watching films where nothing much happens and quite likes ironing.
In Ruins is one of the games Tom has created:
Lecture 6 – Hanna Berrigan: 
  • Freelance theatre and television director
  • Use connections you have in the industry
  • Being unique will work in your favour
  • Hanna’s mother was working in the television industry so she used her as a stepping stone
  • Hanna started off as a junior researched
  • Working for Cicada Films
  • Casting director for American series – 50 Ways To Kill Your Lover
  • Be clear as a director – if you’re clear you only have to give your piece of direction once rather than having to repeat yourself
  • Don’t direct unless you have to – if you’re clear and precise you don’t have to keep giving direction
  • There’s more money in television than theatre
  • Make sure you get on with the people you’re working with – can you negotiate a relationship
  • The American television industry is very focused on attractive actors – which is difficult for a woman director to deal with, as it’s important to make sure the right actor/actress gets the job rather than the most attractive
  • Directing is about your ability to communicate

50 Ways To Kill Your Lover:

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 01.24.23


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