Different versions of our trailer:

This is a rough cut of our trailer, we wanted to see what music best complimented the footage we have. We decided on ‘Thaw’ by Kai Egnel. Which I think works really well. I’m very pleased with this rough cut of our pilot, as I can see it coming to life. Although our footage isn’t perfect, and the fact that it was very overcast meant that we couldn’t get the clear shots of the sea that we wanted, I’m really pleased with the acting, and the evident atmosphere and emotion of it. Creating the trailer has been a very challenging experience, we’ve experienced how difficult of a process shooting on location can be.

Second draft of trailer, with credits and title:

I particularly like the font we’ve used for the title, bold white font is very dramatic and clear, we were deciding whether to have the title appear at the end on a black background, or whether it would work better if it appears on screen with the shot of the sea over the edge of the cliff. I think the second is much more atmospheric, and really emphasises what is meant by ‘the edge’ from a literal point of view.
When it comes to editing the final film we want the footage of the sea to be much clearer, but for the trailer I think the overcast weather has actually worked quite well as it adds pathetic fallacy, conveying the characters emotions through the weather.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 17.21.20

As director I suggested that instead of having the titles come up at the end on a black background, as seen in the first 2 versions above, that we had them come up on screen when the sea is still in the background. A continuation of the beautiful shot where the title appears in front of the sea; which I felt was very atmospheric. Me and Nelly (editor) both agreed that while the the music fits better with the titles in the first 2 edits of the pilot, that we preferred the credits when they are positioned in front of the sea. We though that the black background and white rolling titles were a bit amateur and seemed like something that would be produced at a lower level of filmmaking.

This is our fourth and final trailer:

This is the the final version of the pilot that we are going to submit. Me and Nelly made some joint editing decisions and moved a few shots around for this final pilot. I thought it would be visually pleasing to introduce the production company name at the start of the pilot rather than at the end, as it breaks up the footage a little. I feel it looks more professional this way too. I suggested having the production company introduced in the second shot, as the white text in front of the sea worked so well for the end credits and title. I was very pleased with this decision, I feel that introducing the production companies name at the start reminds the audience that it’s a fiction film rather than a documentary, which could initially be mistaken due to the choice of hand-held camera shooting style.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 19.59.02Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 19.59.15

I was particularly pleased with the sense of perspective created by added the production company name in this particular shot as the background of the cliff fades out of focus and the grass in the foreground comes into focus, which makes the writing stand out on the blurry background. (as shown above) By introducing this text I feel the depth of field of the shot is more noticeable.

Overall I’m really pleased with this final edit of the trailer, the only criticism I have is that I feel that the music is cut a bit short due to the fact we did not have enough good quality footage we wanted to use. I would of preferred the beat of the music to change in time with the credits, alike it does in the first two versions, however I am pleased with the way it has turned out.


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