Music for trailer:

For our final short film I have asked my cousin to play music for it, as he is a fantastic composer and piano player. I thought it would be great having music played by someone we know to feature in the film, as we can explain exactly what we’re after. However, for the trailer we have decided to just use music from a free music archive.
A composer we found on this site that we really liked is called Kai Engel. We listened to a variation of his compositions, and the four that we felt worked really well were ‘February’, ‘December’, ‘January’ and ‘Thaw’.
My two favourites were ‘December’ and ‘Thaw’, there was something quite intense about ‘Thaw’ that we thought would work very well for the credits. I liked ‘December’ because I felt it was the most atmospheric. There’s something very sombre and beautiful about it, I think it would compliment the scenery of Beachy Head, as well as remind the audience that it’s supposed to be a moving film about a serious topic.
Thaw is more of an interesting composition, with more variation to it, a faster pace perhaps better for trailer material as it’s more dramatic.

Kai Engel (name’s Anton Fedchenkov) is a young Independent composer from Moscow, Russia. Anton is working under pseudonym KaiEngel since summer 2012 and creates solely instrumental music. His areas of interest are quite diverse, ranging from neoclassical, hybrid and epic soundtrack music to meditative ambient and experimental tracks which could be described as IDM.


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