Genre of own film:

During discussions with Nelly based on what type of film genre we wanted to do, we were very aware from the beginning that we weren’t interested in creating a comedy, this is due to the fact we felt that a 5-6 minute film would be challenging enough without the added worry of whether or not the humour would be understood or appreciated by the audience. Comedy is definitely a genre I really appreciate, and I would be very interested in writing for comedic purposes in the future, however as I have no experience is comedic screenwriting I feel more confident sticking to a genre I feel confident in.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 13.21.07

The first idea I had regarding our film was inspired by the location, Beachy Head. It seemed to me that based on the location, it wouldn’t make sense having any other genre for our film bar something dark and dramatic. I instantly knew I wanted to write a film about someone who is contemplating suicide. Especially as in 2015 the biggest cause of death for men is suicide, I felt it would be a very topical and current theme for our film.


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