Specialised roles we need assistance with:

As there is only two of us in a group, both myself and Nelly are aware that there’s going to be a number of things we will need to be assisted with. Our Screen Drama class decided to make a Facebook group in order to be able to easily contact one another if we need help with specific roles.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 12.43.42

One of the roles in particular that we are concerned about is sound, as neither of us have much experience with sound, and as we are filming on location and we’ve already established that it’s very windy at Beachy Head, we’re aware that it’s going to be difficult to achieve high quality sound. Luckily we’ve  each spoken to a person who specialises in sound and they’ve both said they would be happy to help us.

Additionally one of my family members has recently invested in a drone, and has said he will come to Beachy Head with us to achieve some footage using the drone. This is fantastic news as we wouldn’t of been able to afford renting a drone with our current budget.
Here is a video of some drone footage of Beachy Head, which I think is really atmospheric and emphasises the sheer hight of the cliff, which is important in our film.


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